Schools out

On the last day of school every body would think it would be great but its not, at least not for the WOLF kids. We all want to stay at WOLF but we cant at least some of us will be going to the same middle school. I hope the teachers wont forget the experience or the kids funnest time in grade school or teaching school in there life. We all now have to move on and we can tell other kids of how much of great time we all have had in WOLF and how they might like to do this as well, and thank you Springfield public Schools for coming up with this fun and exciting program and especially Ms.Dlye and Ms.Ziegler for teaching us all we need to know.</spa

By:Vanessa Gilbert( writing at home just to say thank you)


WOLF students are now time travelers!! Sort-of. We went to the Campbell-Gray farm, next to the prison. The highlight in my opinion was making the cookies! First she had the gorups roll the dough into little balls. Then we rolled the balls in sugar, and she cooked them. And we waited. And waited. And waited And waited (fifteen minutes by now). Ashley a good firend of mine made cornbread.

M: So what did you do when you made cornbread?

A: Well, we put in the ingredients, stirred it then waited until it cooked.

M: Was the cornbread yummy?

A: It wasn’t the best I ever had but it was good.

M: I imagine they didn’t have much to flavor it. Was it moist, chewy, or what?

A: It was chewy, and burned at the bottom, adding a nice crunch to it.

M: Ding. The cookies are done. How did they taste?

A: They tasted delicious!!!

M: Perhaps gingery?

A: Uh-huh, yes they did have ginger.

M: Was it sugary?

A: Yes they had sugar.

M: How does this relate to the WOLF curriculem?

A: It goes hand and hand with what we are learning in social studies.

M: Kewl! Did you have a good time?

A: Yes, I had a wonderful time!

M: Well, I’ve had a great time interviewing you!

A: Thanks Maddy.

M: Thank you!

M: This is a blog wrap!

By: Maddy Ouellette, Caroline Langley, Vanessa Gilbert-and interviewing Ashley Parker

Storm Alert!

Friday 8 2009 we had serious big storm. We had to go in a duck and cover. I am going to interview Kyle Giefer.

V; so what was it like to be in a duck in cover?

K; We ducked and over for a little bit,but the me and Kevin set up a movie,and sat in spiny chairs.

V:Who long did u stay in there for?

K: Over 2 hours.

V: was there any damaged?

K: No, but tree limbs where everywhere.

V:What was it like in the hall way?

K:It was blazing hot. There was no fan,no water,no bathroom.

V:How does this relate to wolf cruilam?

K: To surive in tournados,and suriveal skills.

V Well thank you for letting me interview you.

K; your welcome!

JEREMIAH RUPP!!!!! So anways we went to the Nature center, and did tree I.D. So here we are and here we go…

M: Jeremiah, what type of trees did you identify?

J: Sassafas, Red bud, Black walnut, Elm, White oak, and many other tress.

M: Did you have fun?

J: Yes, I had a great time!  I would love to do this again!

M: What else did you do?

J:  We also did these worksheets and had a quiz.

M: POP QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funnnnnnn!

J: It was o.k.

M: What was your favorite part?

J: I.D.ing the trees.

M: Did you see anything interesting?

J: Yes, a turkey, and squirrel!

M: I love squirrels! but…How does this relate to the WOLF curriculem?

J: It has to do with the classification of plants, forest ecosystems which we’ve studied a lot, and animal food sources.

M: Thank you for letting me interview you Jeremiah!

J: Your welcome, it’s been fun!

M: This is a blog wrap.

By: Maddy Ouellette, Caroline Langley, Vanessa Gilbert, and interviewing- Jeremiah Rupp

Crazy Foods

Today we ate deer, duck, BBQ beaver, deep-fried beaver, turkey, bison chili, and frog legs.  Apparently the frogs tasted like chicken and the BBQ beaver was a favorite. The deer was also a favorite, as it tasted like steak. YUMMIES!!!!!!!!  Of course, I (Sierra) wasn’t brave enough to try the rest ot the crazy foods. Are you brave enough? The Missouri Department of Conservation made the delicious snacks for us. And they even made us lunch. (Catfish,hushpuppies,& coleslaw) We thank you very much Missouri Department of Conservation!!

by:Sierra Sitzes,Vanessa Gilbert,Maddy Ouellette, & Caroline Langley!!!!!!!

Yes, Yes, we know it’s a long name, but in our defense we couldn’t think of a witty name for it. Today I’m going to interview Mr. Kyle Geifer, about the Boat tour in Sequiota cave.

M: So, what was your favorite part of the boat tour?

K: I liked seeing all of the tiny bats.

M: How big were they?

K: The size of a mini clothes pin, they could fit in the palm of your hand without squeezing.

M: Oh sooo cute!  What else did you see?

K: I remember a really huge sheeps head, and wire hitting my face.

M: Wire?

K: The past owner installed wire to light this cave.

M: Oh? He needed lighting for what reason?

K: To light it in the cave, because he needed to see. So he could find his food that he needed to sell.

M: The guy owned a grocery store. Cool!  How does this relate to WOLF school curruiculem?

K: We want to interact with the cave eco-system. Seeing  the cave creatures, in their habitats.

M: Did you have fun?

K: I had tons of fun, because I got to paddle and got wet!

M: Well, that’s about it, so thanks for letting me interveiw you!

K: Thanks for interviewing me! 🙂

M: That’s a blog wrap!

By: Maddy Ouellette, Caroline Langley, and Vanessa Gilbert, with Kyle Giefer as the person who got interviewed.


Today we went to Fassnight Park to geocach. To tell us about her adventures we have brought in Angel. She said that it was fun, educational and alot of other things that you are going to have to stick around to find out………….

C: So… was this field trip the best one you have ever been on? ( At least in wolf history?)

A: So far I think its the best one we have been on because we got to find lots of caches, and we got to learn how to use a GPS.

C: How does this relate to WOLF curriculam?

A: It relates to the WOLF curriculam because it is a run-on to the map and compass, and latitude and longitude. And here at WOLF we are always using new technology and that is some new technology to some students.

C: So what was in all of those caches that you found?

A: Well there was one with fake spiders, lolipops, stickers, mini clothes pins, foam things, and pencils.

C: So did you interact well with the GPS system?

A: Yeah, actually I and alot of others I think did well.

C: Is there a website that the public can go to to learn more about geocaching?

A: Yeah, the website is www.geocaching.com to learn more about latitude and longatude. Its free to set up an account and to find geocaches in your area!

C: Well we are done with the interview, thank you.

A: Your welcome!

By: Caroline Langley,Maddy Ouellette, Vanessa Gilbert, and Angel Laukon